Headstart, an automated front-end workflow.

Headstart is an all-in-one task runner that frees front-end developers of the little worries that come along with modern web development. If you ever wanted to use tools like Grunt or Gulp, but found the configuration too troublesome, you will probably like this pre-configured setup better.

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An open-source project, built with open-source technology. Without the help of these projects, none of this would have been possible.

Contribute and Support

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest changes, follow @headstartio on Twitter.

Questions? Bugs? Feature requests? Add them to the issues page on Github. Found a typo on the website, or feel like something could be explained better? Fork the website repo, make your changes and send a Pull request.

Note: It is possible that some releases contain bugs due to the extensive feature set. I am planning to add some form of unit testing to prevent this, but I am still unsure on how to do that. If you like this project and know how to do this—for example with Jasmine or Karma—feel free to help me out on that one. Various ways of contacting me can be found on my website.